Silvery white, luster, tough and light texture, malleable.
The element name: Aluminum
The element type: Metal
Elements atomic weight: 26.98
The relative atomic mass: 26.98
Density: 2.702 g/cm3
Melting point: 660.37 ?C
Boiling point: 2467.0 ?C
Ignition point: 550 ?C

Product Description

Specification of Aluminum scrap 6063
Si: 0.2-0.6%
Fe: 0.35%
Cu: 0.1%
Mn: 0.1%
Mg: 0.45-0.9%
Cr: 0.1%
Zn: 0.1%

1. mainly used for melting ingot
2. discontinuous melting with scrap
3.easy control and operation
4. fast melting
5. Energy saving This Scrap Aluminium is produced in the production of industrial waste. Such as: Scrap Aluminium Wire, Scrap Aluminium block, and so on
6. It is mainly used for drawing back non-ferrous metal typical material is : wasted copper, aluminum, cable, aluminum stuff, wasted auto spare part, non-ferrous metal scrap,